How Asian Double Eyelid Surgery can Look Natural without Additional Risks of Epicanthoplasty

A woman is looking to enhance but not change her eyes. She wants to know if epicanthoplasty is necessary for an Asian blepharoplasty.

Dr. Amiya Prasad, an oculofacial plastic surgeon, explains that in Asian eyelid surgery, there are some variability in the doctors, their particular style, and what they see as optimal Asian eyelid surgery. He has a good number of colleagues who believe strongly in epicanthoplasty and that’s fine.

Dr. Prasad always explains to his patients that 50% of people of Asian descent will have a crease and 50% will not. So when he does his surgery, he makes a crease as if it was naturally made. In evaluating patients, he takes a Q-tip to roll the skin in to see where their physical skin would give permission to create a crease. Generally, for someone with a strong epicanthal fold, the crease flows into it. In someone with a subtle epicanthal fold, it just goes parallel or it tapers in more softly. However, epicanthoplasty changes the whole dynamic of the eyelids so that the crease goes in further and more of the inner corner of the eye is seen. From his perspective, if nature were to create a natural fold, there shouldn’t be a difference in the epicanthus and the area where it is basically the inner corner of the eye. That said, he generally doesn’t do epicanthoplasties because it doesn’t give a natural appearance.

Asian Eyelid Surgery – Why Location of Incision is Not the Same as Final Crease Position

A lady is 3 weeks post-op from Asian double eyelid surgery, and notices the incision lines in her upper eyelids are a little different from each other. She noticed from the first day after her operation that the stitches in both eyes didn’t match. She knows that swelling still needs to subside before the results are seen, but she wants to know if her eyelids will eventually look even.

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews her images and concerns in this video, explaining how slight differences in the operation of each eyelid, and also in healing can make eyelids appear they are not matching during recovery, but when done right, do even out eventually:

1:12 – Dr. Prasad’s background training and experience in Asian double eyelid surgery
2:01 – How an eyelid crease is created with a connection between the skin, and the muscle that lifts the eyelid called the levator muscle
2:40 – How a natural connection is made with people born with an eyelid crease, and how it is created with both the incisional and non-incisional method of Asian eyelid surgery.
3:00 – How when skin is removed in eyelid surgery, there may be a difference of amount removed in each eye, and also differences in the anchoring of the eyelid and its subsequent swelling
3:25 – How the crease placement by incision does not necessarily correspond with final crease of the eyelid, in Asian and non-Asian upper eyelid surgery
4:18 – How there is variability in both eyelids during surgery, with the first month after surgery showing the most distance between the eyelid crease and the eyelid margin at the eyelashes, but will come down after swelling subsides
4:59 – How the incision was done differently in each eyelid to optimize the final results of the surgery
5:39 – How the exact placement of the incision will be less important with time as the proper eyelid crease forms with healing
6:07 – How the wound healing process of surgery is a little slow, and consists of four stages: hemostatic, inflammatory, proliferative, and remodeling, so Dr. Prasad does take after pictures at about 6 months taking this into account
6:45 – How the first month after surgery has the most variability and shifting of swelling
7:10 – How Dr. Prasad sees patients of Asian eyelid surgery one week after surgery to remove stitches, and every month to guide them through the recovery process
7:41 – How she should follow up with her doctor for concerns, but will have to wait to heal before making further decisions about her eyelids

MONOLID Makeup Swap (w/ Fashionista804 & ilikeweylie)

Even monolidders apply makeup differently! Watch as fashionista804 Sophia’s applies her signature makeup look on my eyes. 🙂 Click for full product list!

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false eyelashes – ESQIDO lashes in Voila Lash

mascara – YSL Babydoll Mascara

brows – Benefit Brow Zings

bronzer – Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

blush – Benefit Rockateur

lipgloss – NYX Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie



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Women Try Monolid Makeup Hacks

“Hacks” implies ease of application, correct?

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How to Enhance Monolid Eyes!

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Natural Monolid Makeup Tutorial ❤ Everyday Makeup


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Hey Guys! A lot of you loved my monolid makekup tutorial, I’ll link it below, but a lot of you wanted me to show how to do it with neutral colors. Sooo that’s what I did today! This is my go to everyday makeup look. I just kinda show how to do like a more natural monolid eye look, I used a brown color. Honestly it’s the same thing I did in the first video but i hope it still helps and that you enjoy the video!

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Daily Makeup for Monolids

Hello everyone!
Today’s everyday makeup is a makeup I wear so so often. I’ll be focusing on the eyes for this makeup. The key highlights of this makeup is the soft brown shadows as point colour for extra dimension, and the thick but natural and smudged eyeliner. It’s perfect makeup for monolids who do not want to wear super heavy or thick makeup. I hope you enjoy!

Products I used for this tutorial:
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The Monolid Struggle | WahlieTV


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Smokey Eye Makeup for Small/ Hooded/ Monolid Eyes | Tina Yong

In this video, I show you how to create a natural smokey eye makeup look for small asian eyes or monolids using double eyelid tape. Please subscribe for more videos!

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– Urban Decay Potion Primer
– Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (Salted Caramel, Hazelnut & Marzipan)
– Eye of Horus Brown & Nude Eyeliner
– Maybelline Love Bag Big Eyes Liner
– Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liquid Liner
– Becca Champagne Pop
– Esqido BFF Lashes
– Cosmos VM411 Lower Lashes

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Winged Eyeliner Make Up Tutorial (Monolids)

Reuploaded twice because youtube like to cut down the quality of my videos to 360p -.-
Almost frustrated enough to smash my macbook.

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MONOLID SMOKEY | dahyeshka

Such a bae…

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