Hi guys,Today I’m going to show you guys how I apply Glue/Tape on my eyelids and I did show them before but it’s not in-depth so I hope this will help x

i hate to be the one to say this and obviously you all can do whatever you want and whatever makes you feel comfortable but your eyes are absolutely BEAUTIFUL hooded or not ok

well it is easier to apply makeup if you have double eyelid, like drawing thicker eyeliner.

I agree, I also have hooded eyes (not Asian), and my make up looks so much better with a prominent crease.

lol I didn’t mean that I disagree with your opinion. I have hooded eyes too and I love them. I said that because many people think Asian girls try to look more “western” so they make their eyes look bigger by using eyelid tapes, but actually most of them don’t care about that and just want to be prettier. I just want to point out that. Sorry if I sound so sensitive XD

I have uneven eyelids, i use glue and or tape on my eye. I swear, my lids are way too fat.?

I feel you there. I have a distinct double eyelid on the outer corner but the inner is invisible, it just looks like i have too much fat on one side. I wish I had either a monolid or a full double eyelid. I feel like tapered eyelids make me look grouchy >_< Lately eyelid tape has been irritating my eyes so I might have to accept the tapered lids. :( There are probably some people that are jealous of me because I am born to have a natural double eyelid. how about instead of thinking double eyelids are better than monolids you just have fun with your own eyes i feel bad for those who feel the need to surgically change their face bc other people think double eyelids are better than monolids I never said Double eyelids are better than Mono eyelids.. I only feel bad for the people that want a double eyelid, but is born a mono eyelid.