Mmm… ?

ME @dahyeshka
MODEL @yoo.xx
*Her lenses are Exy three color – grey.

Benefit Air Petrol
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette / White Chocolate
ABH Self Made Palette / Soft Peach
The Face Shop / Ready To Be Gentle
Tony Moly Back Stage Gel Eyeliner / 02 Brown
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette / Triple Fudge
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette / Semi Sweet
Clio Turnliner Twisturn Waterproof / Urban Black
Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow / Beer Pong
BN Eye Love Magic Falsies / 03 Bambina
YSL Volume Effet Waterproof / Black
Giorgio Armani Face&Eye Palette / 02
Stila Stay All-day Liquid Lipstick / Patina

Bobbi Brown Touch up Brush
Zoeva Luxe Crease 228
Zoeva Luxe Defined Crease 224
Sephora Pro Smokey Crease
Sephora Pro Smudge
Zoeva Detail Shader 237
Zoeva Luxe Smokey Shader 234

Behind Closed Doors – Otis McDonald
Clobber – Silent Partner

20 thoughts on “EYELINE FOR MONOLIDS | dahyeshka

  1. I'm the only person in my family who has monolids (we're not even close to being of any Asian descent), so this is really helpful! No one I know has any experience with monolids. TnT

  2. this model is so stunning! and you did an amazing job, Dasha! I have monolids and I got a hard time making these kind of makeup eyeshadow look on my eyes, impossible! I wish my makeup was done by you so bad!!!!!

  3. Finally, a makeover for real monolids! Most of makeovers on YouTube for "monolids" involve an eye glue to make double eyelids or the makeup artist is Asian with (!) double eyelids!!! So happy I found your channel?

  4. Seriously, this model should have a youtube channel. I don't even care what she does, I just wanna look at her forever.

  5. Hi everyone! I do monolid makeup tutorials on my channel too! please feel free to check it out if you're interested :)

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