How-to: Monolid to Double Lid or Double Lid to Monolid, WITHOUT SURGERY

Thanks for watching! This is a long video with lots of talking, so view the table of contents below to quickly ffwd to the section that applies to you:

+Being both monolid/doublelid at the same time / my story: 0:39
+The difference between single lids and double lids / why monolids and double lids look the way they do: 2:20
+ How to get monolids: 3:20
+ How to get double eyelids: 6:38 (demo starts @ 9:50)

Blog post with more thoughts and a close-up of Clear Talk Eye Glue:






20 thoughts on “How-to: Monolid to Double Lid or Double Lid to Monolid, WITHOUT SURGERY

  1. I have A question. One day between the weeks When you start waking up with monolids can they turn back to double eyelids? Because I'm starting to get worried that I'm getting Triple Lids after. :p

  2. Oohh I have the same problem. One eye is monolid, one is double lid. Thank you so much. This video helps a lot! :)

  3. I was born with monolids but a few days ago I woke up and I had a crease only on my right eye. It's really annoying and I want to even it out. I don't know how I just woke up with it. If anyone has additional tips or they have tried this please let me know how/if it worked for you

  4. how long did it take to go from monolid to double lid? I don't know exactly how to explain it, but even when i glue the eyelid together, when i fully open my eyes the monolid folds in while i have the glue on, do you think i should make it closer to the lash line? something hasn't been working out

  5. I normaly have double eyelids, but since the beggining of 2016 my right eyelid suddenly became a monolid and it's been changing from mono to double ever since. Sometimes I would have a double for weeks and then it would suddenly change to mono, and the opposite, but it's been at least 3 months now and my eyelid has stayed as a monolid. I've tried eyelid tape and after one use it stayed as a double for a few days before going back to mono. I didn't think that I should try to "force" my eye back to double by using the tape daily, but I will try that from now on. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully it will work ^^

  6. Hi, thank you so much for your helpful video!! At the moment, I'm considering on whether I should start on this double eyelid regime. I have 2 main worries.. So, firstly, you mentioned that this doesn't work when you sleep. I've read forums and heard that for some people, they are required to sleep even with double eyelid glue on in order to develop permanent double eyelids. I've tried doing this and the problem was the same as you mentioned, the whites of my eyes were showing. So the question is, do we have to put the glue even while sleeping? My second question is, did you find that your eyelids started to sag after beginning with this regime? 🙂 sorry for the trouble!!!

  7. also a recommendation if your doing the monolid, you can use some normal sticky tape to try and keep it in place so you dont have to not blink

  8. Not sure if this has something to do with anything, but I have longer nails and it makes it hard for me to pinch my eyes in the way that you suggest to go from double lid to monolid..? Is there any way you can use glue or something to make it easier to train your eyes into the new monolid shape or anything to help make the technique go more smoothly? Let me know if you have any more tips, thanks!

  9. Thank you so much for this Chloe!! I'm wanting to go from double lid to monolid and will definitely be giving this method a try! Thank you so much, I'll let you know how it goes ^_^ x

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