[MAKEUP] Monolid soft smokey eye makeup | dahyeshka

Hallo beautiful! Here is monolid version of soft smokey makeup. Enjoy xx

안녕하세요들! 또 다시 홑꺼풀 메이크업으로 돌아왔어요~ 이번에는 스모키 버전으로! 너무 쎄지 않게 소프트한 느낌으로 해봤어요. 일명 교포 데일리 메이크업ㅋㅋㅋ 뾸

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20 thoughts on “[MAKEUP] Monolid soft smokey eye makeup | dahyeshka

  1. This video gives me hope that I can actually put on eye makeup with monolids. I watch multiple makeup you tubers and watch how easily they apply makeup. I try it myself and then I realize how different my eyes are making it very difficult to learn to apply when not many, good, makeup artists are out there with monolids. I appreciate these videos. This gives me hope that I can actually put on makeup.

  2. I love it so much you enhanced her eye shape instead of changing it to double with tape. I enjoy my monolid too! Hope more girls appreciate theirs. :)

  3. I have monolids. Growing up I was always told by my families that when I am older I should get double eyelid surgery. My cousin had monolids too, and when she was 14 she had double eyelid surgery.I never did.Thank you Dasha for this video, and showing us that monolids is equally as beautiful as double eyelids. No one should ever be made to feel ugly just because they don't have the same features as others.

  4. i dont see the reason why she should try to have bigger eye and try to please other. monolid is beautiful and mystery and asian eye and that is completely normal in asia.

  5. Valorized monolid are the sexiest eyes in the world, don't use fake lids or colored lenses! Stay monolided! With long eyes! :)Don't do surgery, asians!!! It's like to loose a precious quality!!! Simply learn how to valorize them!

  6. i got monolid and everyyytime i tried using eyeshadow it looks like i just got hit by a gangster or something. idk why goshhh

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